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The Limerick Lady Podcast

May 19, 2021

We may not hold on forever to past feelings of joy, grief or loss but every chapter, every song is a performance of that memory - be it personal or collective. 

In this month's podcast Emma Langford and Ann Blake talk to writer and academic Emilie Pine about her no.1 bestseller "Notes To Self" (2018), a collection of personal essays about alcoholism, family, relationships, sexual abuse and miscarriage - how it felt to share those life experiences with the world in the form of a book, and how she found the transition from academic writing to non-fiction. 

Emilie Pine is a professor of modern drama at the School of English, Drama and Film in University College Dublin. She teaches and supervises student work in the fields of theatre and memory cultures. Emilie is also director of the Irish Memory Studies Research Network ( and editor of the Irish University Review and recently edited the Special Issue on Moving Memory: The Dynamics of the Past in Irish Culture. 

You can find out more about Professor Emilie Pine at 

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