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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Ann Blake and Emma Langford discuss the implement invented in the 1840's which plays a leading role in the cervical smear test process; We have brand new music from Gráinne Fahy, Feibhár and Sive; and in honour of Mothers' Day Emma chats at home with her mammy about her experiences of motherhood and some questionable work experience in Cork in the 70's.

We'd like to thank the women who contacted us confidentially with their stories of the cervical smear test. The purpose of the discussion was to let women know that while the test is usually quick and painless, if you experience discomfort or pain during it there are reasons, solutions and alternatives, and you're not alone.

To quote one such woman: "I hope it helps other people know that they can speak up and not feel like there’s something wrong with them when it’s the ‘system’ that’s at fault."

Cervical Check Ireland:

Bread Not Profits (play):

Emma's Patreon:

Sirena Bergman, Cervical screening: How enduring use of 150-year-old speculum puts women off smear tests:…-a8834771.html


1. Gráinne Fahy, "1 In 10"

2. Feibhár, "Forfeit" due out April 5th - pre-save here…-l9vzGHlJyk_tDAkdYaVs

3. Sive, Do It All the Time -

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