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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

Emma and Ann chat to theatre maker Róisín Stack whose show No Woman Is An Island is premiering at Dublin Theatre Festival 2023. The discussion covers the ins and outs, ups and downs of the creative process, which she humorously describes as 'stumbling blindly through the dark'.  Given that Ann happens to be directing the play, the episode also explores the dynamic between performer and director in the rehearsal room. 

One conclusion that is decidedly drawn from this chat is the importance of 'the craic' when it comes to making artistic work.

No Woman Is An Island is previewing in Galway Oct 4th-7th in Bank of Ireland Theatre


And premiering in Dublin Theatre Festival Oct 11th - 14th in The Project Arts Centre(Cube) 


Follow Róisín on Insta @rostack_ #NoWoShow

The Limerick Lady is a grassroots movement based in Limerick, Ireland, with a focus on promoting conversation around gender, visibility, gender balance and the arts. It was founded in 2016 by award-winning (and losing) singer-songwriter Emma Langford, who hosts the podcast alongside fellow award-winning (and losing) Limerick woman, theatre-maker and musician Ann Blake.

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