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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Aug 16, 2023

This month we talk to beloved Limerick-based collage artist, writer, and coffee slinger Tiffany Glenn aka Instagram's "Fannyland". Tiffany runs a monthly collage night at the Wickham Way market in Limerick City, and can be found in her blue/teal/robin-egg coloured shed in the same marketplace every Saturday and Sunday serving some of the best coffee in town. 

Originally from Colorado, Tiffany has run the gamut of career-paths in her time, from sex-shop sales-assistant to the military, and from phlebotomist to flight attendant – not necessarily in that order. 

This episode is something of a frenzied collage of conversation, bouncing from cancel culture and the "bonnet cop", to all-consuming obsessions with certain Disney characters, to Ann and Tiffany's Christian rock-star crush, Keith Green. We also of course chat about the loss of the great Sinéad O'Connor, and the cultural touchstone she was. 

Find Tiffany at or support her on her webshop  

Check out the Women's Collective Open Day on the 7th of September at this link:  

And listen to the dreamy Keith Green for yourself: 


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