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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Mar 22, 2023

Emma Langford and Ann Blake talk to Dr. Susan Liddy, founder of Catalyst International Film Festival, about the festival which is set to take place from the 30th of March to the 1st of April at various venues around Limerick City. The three consider the challenges faced by new and emerging festivals in gaining an audience, and they discuss the key elements needed to allow such a thing to grow and survive. 

Established in 2019 on the cusp of the impending pandemic, the festival was forced to go virtual in its first year but has grown ever since and has extended its tendrils into live venues around the city in 2023 as well as attracting A-list ambassador Ruth Negga. The mission of Catalyist IFF is to present a film programme that prioritises stories and storytellers currently under-represented on screen and behind the camera; to create a more inclusive industry; and to ensure that films screened throughout promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion whether in content, key creative roles, or crew. 

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The Limerick Lady is a grassroots movement based in Limerick, Ireland, with a focus on promoting conversation around gender, visibility, gender balance and the arts. It was founded in 2016 by award-winning (and losing) singer-songwriter Emma Langford, who hosts the podcast alongside fellow award-winning (and losing) Limerick woman, theatre-maker and musician Ann Blake.

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