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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

On the podcast this month, Ann and Emma reflect on the year that’s been and gone, looking back on their personal peaks and troughs as well as highlights of 2022 for The Limerick Lady. This episode is about looking back, as well as looking forward to a new year. There are also some wild claims made about Munster’s French-speaking history. 

2022 was a busy year for both of your hosts, but it was marked by the final reemergence of the world from covid fear, so yes, sorry – just when you thought we could all move on from talking about one C word to another C word, we bring it up again. 

Speaking of Christmas, Ann and Emma both have releases they would love to share with you!
Check out Emma’s “The Wexford Carol” here: 

And buy Brendan Davis’ and friends AKA Brendan And The Snowflakes' “Santa’s On His Way” which features Ann and was released in aid of Minding Creative Minds for €2 here: 

Ann Blake is a musician, facilitator and theatre-maker from Limerick City. Fellow Limerick woman and co-host Emma Langford is a singer-songwriter, podcaster and maker-of-things. Follow Ann Blake on Twitter at annblake78, on Instagram at annblakeplay and check out  her band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra on twitter at BPLO.

Find out all about Emma Langford's adventures at 

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Intro music: Demon Darling by Emma Langford
Outro music: Closed Book by Emma Langford