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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Nov 17, 2022

NEWS FIRST! We're doing a live show on the 24th of November at the Record Room (downstairs in The Commercial on Catherine Street, Limerick City) at 8pm. Special guests are historian Sharon Slater, musical comedy duo The Wild Geeze, and singer-songwriter Abe Soare. Doors at 8, kicking off at 8.30 sharp – this is a pre-recorded live podcast episode so get in early and take your seats on time. Tickets are €5 – pay on the door.

This month we meet Dr Tracy Fahey, an Irish author who has been twice shortlisted for Best Collection at the British Fantasy Awards in 2017 for The Unheimlich Manoeuvre and 2022 for I Spit Myself Out. Fahey’s short fiction is published in over thirty American, British, Australian and Irish anthologies.

She has been Guest of Honour at the UK Ghost Story Festival 2022 and will appear in Copenhagen in 2023 as Guest of Honour at Fantasticon 2023. 

Fahey holds a PhD on the Gothic in visual arts, and her non-fiction writing on the Gothic and folklore has appeared in Irish, English, Italian, Dutch and Australian edited collections. She has been awarded residencies in Ireland and Greece. In 2022 she was awarded Saari Fellow status for 2023 by the Kone Foundation, Finland.

Tracy is a self-proclaimed "Samhain nerd" and enthusiast for all things spooky, and in this episode we delve in to that and then some. We chat about the presence of strong feminine energies in Irish folklore, the inherent darkness in Irish people, and we reminisce on halloweens of yore, i.e. our childhoods in the 80s and 90s. 

Want to follow Tracy online and find more of her work? She's TracyFaheyAuthor on Instagram, just TracyFahey on Twitter, or you can visit her website and sample her work at

Ann Blake is a musician, facilitator and theatre-maker from Limerick City. Fellow Limerick woman and co-host Emma Langford is a singer-songwriter, podcaster and maker-of-things. 

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