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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

This month we meet Helena Close and Marie Boylan, the writing team behind brand new play "Red Army". Red Army is the flagship production for the Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick City, and is set to run from the 22nd to the 29th. The play centres on four women and their intersecting lives as they're drawn together by a shared love of Munster rugby, and the shared tragedy of the sudden death of Munster coach Axel Foley in 2016. 

This episode we look at the on-stage visibility and representation of women over the age of 50, especially in the world of sports. We also explore how tragedy touches and effects us all differently. We discuss the collaborative process and how it makes us each better at what we do, through what we learn from each other. Above all, we discuss the highs and lows, the craic and the buzz that draws Munster rugby fans together. 

Playwrights Helena Close and Marie Boylan said: “As die-hard Munster Rugby fans, Red Army is a play we felt compelled to write. It's a tribute to the club, the fans, the city of Limerick, and the late Anthony Foley. Bringing this story to life has been a team effort. From the crew at the Lime Tree Theatre; our director Pat Kiernan who understood our vision for the play implicitly; the stellar cast; and an incredible creative team. We began writing in 2017 and like a dogged Munster team we persevered and are thrilled to finally share Red Army with audiences as the first in-house production at the Lime Tree Theatre”

Want to follow Helena and Marie online and find more of their work? As Helena says, "just google it". 

Tickets for Red Army at the Lime Tree Theatre: 

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