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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

This time last year Ann and Emma hosted their first ever live Limerick Lady podcast with an audience in the beautiful, historic surrounds of erstwhile supermarket Ormston House. The building was opened as a supermarket in 1961, closing in 1982, only to be reopened in 2011 as a Cultural Resource Centre to create new opportunities for artists and arts workers.

This International Women's Day, we meet two artists being supported by Ormston House's new scheme: Ormston House Feminist Supermarket - a celebration of both the building's purpose of yore and its modern values. 

Mary Conroy and Fiona Reilly are visual artists working with mixed media to explore the areas of domestic labour, gender roles of different types of work, and the meeting of worlds of early motherhood and art-making. 

Fiona and Mary share some samples of their work during the conversation which took place live with an audience over Zoom on International Women's Day (8th of March) 2021. You can view some of their work and learn more about the event and Ormston House's International Women's Day 2021 celebrations here: 

Find out more about Fiona Reilly:

Find out more about Mary Conroy: 

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Recorded with support from Ormston House Feminist Supermarket and The Limerick Post Newspaper

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This podcast goes out the third Thursday of every month or 'Thirdsday' - if you will.

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