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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

The first episode of the 2020 has Emma questioning whether we are in a new decade while Ann challenges a popular 'misconception'.


More importantly though, Emma and Ann chat with Jean Langford and Andrea Habenicht about living with Type 1 Diabetes They discuss the current resources in Ireland, and the misunderstandings surrounding the invisible condition.


Would a touring artist be able to manage their diabetes?


Jean was diagnosed at the age of 11, and Andrea at the age of 8.

Andrea has gone on to work as an assistant psychologist at a diabetes day centre, and Jean has been exploring the merits of running for managing your blood sugar levels.


Resources: is the leading global research and advocacy group for type 1 diabetes. is an offshoot of JDRF and is intended for those affected by type 1 diabetes, interested in getting active and meeting others with t1d. There are currently only 12 people using the website in Ireland. 


This podcast goes out the third Thursday of every month or 'Thirdsday' - if you will.

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