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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

Warning: This podcast contains explicit language Welcome to episode 6 of the Limerick Lady Podcast, our first episode taking a DIY approach - recorded in Ann's wife's yoga room, and edited by Emma. Thanks to Jantien Schoenmakers for being our producer up until now! In this episode we meet theatre-maker Joanne Ryan who, while virtually on the verge of going into labour, talks about her internationally toured award-winning play Eggsistentialism written about deciding, as a woman and a freelance artist, whether or not to have a baby. Emma and Ann ask Joanne about the supports in place in Ireland for pregnant women and new parents, and how her partner will be supported in fathering his newborn. We also chat about her forthcoming show In Two Minds which explores her mother's late diagnosis at the age of 65 of bipolar disorder. Enjoy! Or else. Intro/Outro music: Closed Book by Emma Langford Jingles/Links produced by Jantien Schoenmakers