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The Limerick Lady Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

This month Cassie Delaney joins Ann Blake to talk about the freedom and political power of podcasts, creepiness, queerness and being on the other side of an intense religious upbringing. A lot of fun was had in the making of this episode - just to be clear - even though Emma wasn't there. (She's very busy touring at the moment but sends her love!)

Cassie runs Tall Tales Podcasts which produces, among many others, Mother of Pod, Juvenalia and the charmingly gruesome true crime comedy podcast, The Creep Dive. Having started off in journalism and moving onto digital design, Cassie saw an opportunity in podcasting to truly empower independent media.

Cassie is also founder and CEO of Outcaster, a platform that enables media creators to build bespoke streaming apps with no upfront investment.

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